Trending dance in Africa precisely Nigeria
Called Shaku Shaku ,This was a dance formed from a video of a well known song WO from a Nigeria artist Olamide.
Olamide has been performing very well,Nigerian youths call him baba street ,he loves the street,he tries to get more connected to the street,you can easily tell his words are from the street and even his dance moves,his first dance was named shakiti Bobo.
Shaku Shaku is actually the trending dance now in Africa,many artist has danced to it,artists like:

d banj,
Small Doctor
T prose
And many more….

This dance has been trending for months,u could easily see it in every music videos from Africa,competitions has also gone a lot,many people say the dance is crazy ,some pay money to learn it,Olamide his self actually had a competition with some group of dancers ,he awarded the winner with (1,000 000) a million naira.olamide and many other artist promised to come up with new dance this year 2018.

You just need to try something els

You really need to leave it if it’s not working out for you ,God is trying to tell you this is not your way,many of us get disappointed ,without knowing if this works out it won’t favor you rather you might lose all the Effort been made,We have been hurt and been disappointed many times ,we graduate from school and can’t find a job,the politicians uses us and dump us after the won the election,many of the youths has bad plans since nothing is working for them,

It’s so sad when you try something and it’s not working out,u just have to leave it and try something els,you shouldn’t try something once and give up just because it wasn’t working out,yes it’s so hard when everything isn’t working out


That brings disgrace to the family even the community .yes life is not easy but don’t ever give up in your carrier,keep pushing it and if it’s not working out find another alternative,don’t u ever think nothing would ever work for you ,manytimes God is trying to test our faith to see how long we can go,

Many complains there family member has stopped there success through herbalist or Witch craft ,but many of this are lies,sometimes it’s obvious that u are lazy to try something new,or think it’s gonna be difficult ,

  •      It’s time to wake up from your failure and put the devil to shame,it’s time to go try something new and tryst it ,if it’s working slowly keep doing it and adding more technic to it ,grow your dreams and have faith in your self ..stop giving your self doubt and don’t let anyone tell you what to do ….God bless u all


Heart breaking


One Mr and Mrs adebayor from ekiti state,mr adebayor lost his job some years back and couldn’t get another on-time and he decided to start farming since he has a large plot of land,he wasn’t making it on it but still he continued as long as it was fetching them food at home,his wife was 7month pregnant,this morning he sold two plots of his land at the range of 340,000 because they needed to start making arrangement for the unborn baby and some other home maintenance,he has been having bank issue so he decided to keep the money in his wife account ,on 11jan2018 around 8:24pm his wife was home alone watching movie and she heard her phone rang,she quickily took the phone to check because she was expecting a call from her husband and she found out it was a message,she opened the message,an unknown number asking asking her to call a certain number to verify her ATM problem, she felt it was true because she tried using her ATM today and she couldn’t,all the ATM machine in the uba bank rejected her ATM, so she thought her ATM was faulty not knowing first bank was having bad network during that moment,she quickly called the number and told them to please fixed the ATM because they needed to buy something and the queue inside the bank at the customer care services  is always large that she can’t stand and she can’t go early, so they told her to please calm down,they begin to ask her some certain question pertaining to her ATM and she gave them every info they needed,they told her they will work on the account and get back to her they told her to stay on the line,after they are done with there 😈 evil deed they told her thank you for working with us, have a good night rest and your ATM has been successfully fixed,she was so happy that she has to pray for them and  thanked them,after ending the call she saw a message,she quickly opened it and found out they transferred the whole money in her account and left her with 120naira ..she shouted and fainted,the neighbors rushed her to the hospital before her husband came over..the neighbors including  her husband never knew what happened until they got home.her Husband broke her phone,told her she will never use a phone again.. They are back to nothing.. Me while there house rent will expire in two weeks time.. So touching.. May God help them