Senate president,  saraki congratulates a well known little comedian EMMANUELA on her role in an unnamed Hollywood movie.

The former kwara state governor wrote in a tweet (congratulations EMMANUELA make sure you make them laugh over there and keep winning)

Saraki described the little comedian as an *inspiration* that will help to motivate other kids,invites her to the senate house to discuss on how to help the young talents in Nigerian industries..

Sen president also said Your story is an *inspiration* that will grow other young talented youths ,Lets discuss on how we can grow other young talents who are ready and not shy to rule the world just the way you did .

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Be aware of snakes in your house most especially in the bathroom ,kitchen and bedroom,the most easiest inlet is through concrete chambers at the back of the building through cracks, sewage pipes and under the door.

All snakes like to hide inside a cool area or chamber to cool off their body when it’s hot most especially during hot weather,not just to cool their body but to also hide for safety.

Most times when they are in search of food ,they might pursue a lizard,cat,hen,rats at the back of your building even SOAK AWAY PIT.they relax there after killing or archiving their aims in swallowing or killing any animal and could later turn the place to a home.
After a while they might crawl through the backyard doors or even pipes for more foods inside the house.

Here are suggested ideas that can help your families and  building secured..


1….you should always pure fuel,kerosine,two sachet of salt or diesel inside the WC bowl and flash immediately it’s like a poison and it kills germs instantly also the odor last long that can chase away any bad insects or animals …

No 2…..Alway check any WC thoroughly before sitting on it

No 3…….Don’t use toilet in darkness either personal nor public toilet.
Every public toilet is dangerous or harmful no matter how clean it is because it’s used by so many people ,you can easy contact disease from public toilet ,if you in any case you must use the public toilet don’t sit directly on it ,you can lift up your buttock slightly above the bowl bowl

No4…….Always check the soak away gently to see if there is a hole at the edge,if any kindly pure any poisonous substance on it,give it a space immediately because any hidden snake might early try to jump/rush out.if nothing comes up then cover the hole with concrete….

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Ice prince

Popular Nigerians artist stage name ICE PRINCE ZAMANI posted a picture on Facebook and his fans attacked him with bad comments …
It’s so hard that the oleku King has gone down in the music industry,His last hit titled BOSS produced by tekno was actually the only song his fans could recognize apart from his PREVIOUS album.
Many Nigerian and foreign artist has fallen ,it really affected their carrier to the extend of them losing fans,but ice prince case was a shock to the public most especially his FANS.

But after all the bad words from fans to ice prince he has finally rise again and he is doing good …he came up with REPLAY which is actually killing the music industry and many night clubs.
Ice prince zamani has promised to bring back his good music,he said he has been busy and can’t tell he public what has kept him away.
We hope he comes with fire.



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It’s so difficulty NBC finally bans OLAMIDE’S science student,last year one of his song was also banned titled WO,
Although fans never care that the song was banned,they kept spreading the song and dancing to it.
The NBC’s head of public affair HAJIA MAIMUNAT JIMADA confirmed that the public bodies didn’t ban the song but they just find it not fit for broadcast.
The rapper OLAMIDE AKA BADOO SNEH,came out on a tv show to make subject and lines concerning the song,he said SCIENCE STUDENT was not meant to promote drugs or alcohol,it was a means of telling the youths to stop mixing or taking too much of alcohol,most especially to put a stop to drug abuse, he also said the support of science student was massive and he appreciate everyone who participated on his song..he pleaded the youths to put a stop to drug abuse and stop mixing what they don’t know,said the youths should leave responsibly and drink responsibly

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What a beautiful ongoing bridge in ado ekiti..The view of it at night is so attractive that when you pass by you would wanna wait a minute to take a full view at every corner of the construction.
This ongoing construction started a year back and it was so fast.
So many developed states complained of not having such overhead bridge,they also complained about ado ekiti having a bridge.Some said its a small and uncivilized state that doesn’t need a bridge. A lot of people who resides in ekiti also made complaints that they don’t need a bridge in Ekiti state and they wonder why the governor should have thought of such project.

Surprisingly, when the project began people begin to see the beauty and the benefit of the bridge.Those who said nasty and embarrassing words back then began to confess and this brought about so much likeness for the governor of the state.
The bridge is very attractive and beautiful,the space and the area it occupied is even more condusive because it’s a roundabout and a lot of accident happens there.He employs some women who sweeps and maintains the bridge every single day.The governor also promised to provide more security before the end of his tenure.

The bridge has a mini park where you can easily get a bus travelling down to another state.He actually made the park so beautiful cause he said his own personal money was involved so that visitors coming from other state can see and enjoy their stay.The governor has been trying his best to ensure the bridge is completed soon before the end of his tenure.
Gov fayose is a nice person,who wants peace for the society and Nigeria has a whole.He’s a man who detest cheating or been cheated.He has plans and already taken a move by contesting for the post of president of the federal republic of Nigeria. We later heard that the party chairman and some other leaders of PDP told him they ain’t voting or picking him for the post.

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Trending dance in Africa precisely Nigeria
Called Shaku Shaku ,This was a dance formed from a video of a well known song WO from a Nigeria artist Olamide.
Olamide has been performing very well,Nigerian youths call him baba street ,he loves the street,he tries to get more connected to the street,you can easily tell his words are from the street and even his dance moves,his first dance was named shakiti Bobo.
Shaku Shaku is actually the trending dance now in Africa,many artist has danced to it,artists like:

d banj,
Small Doctor
T prose
And many more….

This dance has been trending for months,u could easily see it in every music videos from Africa,competitions has also gone a lot,many people say the dance is crazy ,some pay money to learn it,Olamide his self actually had a competition with some group of dancers ,he awarded the winner with (1,000 000) a million naira.olamide and many other artist promised to come up with new dance this year 2018.

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Serious accident happened along side bida to minna this morning,so many bodies burned to ashes

Oh my God…so many souls gone this morning,and many burned down to ashes alongside bida to minna,may their souls rest in peace and please always remember to pray before traveling or entering any bus.may this never happen to you or any of your family Ameen

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You just need to try something els

You really need to leave it if it’s not working out for you ,God is trying to tell you this is not your way,many of us get disappointed ,without knowing if this works out it won’t favor you rather you might lose all the Effort been made,We have been hurt and been disappointed many times ,we graduate from school and can’t find a job,the politicians uses us and dump us after the won the election,many of the youths has bad plans since nothing is working for them,

It’s so sad when you try something and it’s not working out,u just have to leave it and try something els,you shouldn’t try something once and give up just because it wasn’t working out,yes it’s so hard when everything isn’t working out


That brings disgrace to the family even the community .yes life is not easy but don’t ever give up in your carrier,keep pushing it and if it’s not working out find another alternative,don’t u ever think nothing would ever work for you ,manytimes God is trying to test our faith to see how long we can go,

Many complains there family member has stopped there success through herbalist or Witch craft ,but many of this are lies,sometimes it’s obvious that u are lazy to try something new,or think it’s gonna be difficult ,

  •      It’s time to wake up from your failure and put the devil to shame,it’s time to go try something new and tryst it ,if it’s working slowly keep doing it and adding more technic to it ,grow your dreams and have faith in your self ..stop giving your self doubt and don’t let anyone tell you what to do ….God bless u all


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