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What a beautiful ongoing bridge in ado ekiti..The view of it at night is so attractive that when you pass by you would wanna wait a minute to take a full view at every corner of the construction.
This ongoing construction started a year back and it was so fast.
So many developed states complained of not having such overhead bridge,they also complained about ado ekiti having a bridge.Some said its a small and uncivilized state that doesn’t need a bridge. A lot of people who resides in ekiti also made complaints that they don’t need a bridge in Ekiti state and they wonder why the governor should have thought of such project.

Surprisingly, when the project began people begin to see the beauty and the benefit of the bridge.Those who said nasty and embarrassing words back then began to confess and this brought about so much likeness for the governor of the state.
The bridge is very attractive and beautiful,the space and the area it occupied is even more condusive because it’s a roundabout and a lot of accident happens there.He employs some women who sweeps and maintains the bridge every single day.The governor also promised to provide more security before the end of his tenure.

The bridge has a mini park where you can easily get a bus travelling down to another state.He actually made the park so beautiful cause he said his own personal money was involved so that visitors coming from other state can see and enjoy their stay.The governor has been trying his best to ensure the bridge is completed soon before the end of his tenure.
Gov fayose is a nice person,who wants peace for the society and Nigeria has a whole.He’s a man who detest cheating or been cheated.He has plans and already taken a move by contesting for the post of president of the federal republic of Nigeria. We later heard that the party chairman and some other leaders of PDP told him they ain’t voting or picking him for the post.

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